The effects of using musical songs as a supplement to a traditional life science curriculum

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


Throughout the course of an academic school year, some students in my seventh grade science classroom struggle with recalling taught material. My project, which is based on the action research model, focused on using music as a supplement to traditional teaching techniques as a means of facilitating higher achievement scores, greater self-efficacy among students, and an overall increase in student success. The results of utilizing music to increase assessment scores, as well as student attendance and student attitude, were considered during my research. Forms of data collection for the project included student interviews, student questionnaires, teacher journal, field notes, attendance rates, and assessment scores. These data collection tools were used to measure the effect of music on student assessment scores. The students were receptive to the project and the treatment group was excited when music was infused with their typical classroom instruction. The results of the study indicated that students exposed to the music did in fact earn higher scores on assessments over the treatment time period. In addition, the attendance rate was higher in the classes being exposed to the treatment. In the future, I plan to incorporate music in each section of Life Science that I teach.




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