The intersection of geoethics and diversity in the geosciences

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Geological Society of London


The geosciences (inclusive of geology, oceanography, atmospheric science and allied disciplines) have an ethical imperative to increase diversity in the profession. The diverse ways of exploring the Earth system, and the complexity of the grand challenges facing humanity living on Earth, require contributions of experience, skills, knowledge and motivations from diverse populations. Diversity increases creativity and problem-solving abilities in working groups, and ultimately is important for the long-term health of the geoscience discipline, for contributions that impact the health and security of society and for stewardship of the planet. Barriers and disincentives for people from underrepresented groups in the geosciences are identified, and interventions and remedies are recommended. Increasing diversity will take an all-discipline commitment by geoscientists and geoscience departments, companies and institutions. All people should have access and opportunity to pursue careers in the geosciences. Geoscientists have a responsibility to create work spaces that are welcoming, inclusive, safe and supportive.



geoethics diveristy geosciences


David W. Mogk, 2021. "The intersection of geoethics and diversity in the geosciences", Geoethics: Status and Future Perspectives, G. Di Capua, P. T. Bobrowsky, S. W. Kieffer, C. Palinkas
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