Microbial community changes during a toxic cyanobacterial bloom in an alkaline Hungarian lake


The Carpathian Basin is a lowland plain located mainly in Hungary. Due to the nature of the bedrock, alluvial deposits, and a bowl shape, many lakes and ponds of the area are characterized by high alkalinity. In this study, we characterized temporal changes in eukaryal and bacterial community dynamics with high throughput sequencing and relate the changes to environmental conditions in Lake Velence located in Fejer county, Hungary. The sampled Lake Velence microbial populations (algal and bacterial) were analyzed to identify potential correlations with other community members and environmental parameters at six timepoints over 6weeks in the Spring of 2012. Correlations between community members suggest a positive relationship between certain algal and bacterial populations (e.g. Chlamydomondaceae with Actinobacteria and Acidobacteria), while other correlations allude to changes in these relationships over time. During the study, high nitrogen availability may have favored non-nitrogen fixing cyanobacteria, such as the toxin-producing Microcystis aeruginosa, and the eutrophic effect may have been exacerbated by high phosphorus availability as well as the high calcium and magnesium content of the Carpathian Basin bedrock, potentially fostering exopolymer production and cell aggregation. Cyanobacterial bloom formation could have a negative environmental impact on other community members and potentially affect overall water quality as well as recreational activities. To our knowledge, this is the first prediction for relationships between photoautotrophic eukaryotes and bacteria from an alkaline, Hungarian lake.




Bell, Tisza A. S. , Tamas Feldoldi, Emel Sen-Kilic, Gabor Vasas, Matthew W. Fields, and Brent M. Peyton. "Microbial community changes during a toxic cyanobacterial bloom in an alkaline Hungarian lake." Antonie van Leeuwenhoek (August 2018). DOI:10.1007/s10482-018-1132-7.
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