The effect of varied feedback on student performance in a middle school science classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The middle school classroom is one of the first places where students have the opportunity to have more control on their own learning. This study analyzes how students use feedback to improve learning and attitudes in science, as well as how different forms of feedback enhance student learning. Nearly 90 grade 6 students participated in the study where they provided their opinions on which mode of feedback provides the best opportunity for them to improve their knowledge of disciplinary core ideas and demonstration of scientific practices. Results show that varied feedback had a positive impact on student's attitudes towards sixth grade science, most notable positively impacting male students. Student's shows improved learning of disciplinary core ideas and demonstrated improvement in their science skills. Every student had at least one form of feedback they agreed can help them with their learning, but narrative written or typed feedback was the form that most students preferred. The impact on student learning and improvement in scientific skills is discussed.




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