Canola and Sweet Lupin -- Potential New Rotation Crops for Central Montana (2003)

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Central Agricultural Research Center


This paper evaluates new regular and specialty canola genotypes from public and private breeders from various regions of U.S. and Canada for adaptation and evaluates narrow leaf lupine genotypes, from Australia and Poland, for adaptation and yield potential in central Montana. Due to the severe summer drought in 2003, canola and lupin did not perform well in the field. Yields were extremely low. Although differences were observed among the cultivars, there was not enough evidence to justify the adaptability of the genotypes in this one-year trial under an unusual weather pattern. The growth chamber study shows great variations among canola genotypes in base temperature and heat unit required for emergence. These results will provide a reference for the selection of canola genotypes for early planting. Previous studies have shown yield advantage of early seeding.



Agronomy, Plant sciences


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