Factors influencing rural nurses' attitudes and beliefs towards evidenced based practice

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


The purpose of the study was to explore factors that influence rural nurses' attitudes and beliefs towards evidence-based practice by answering the following questions: Do rural nurses find research easy to understand? Do rural nurses believe the results of the research that they read? Does number of years of experience as a nurse affect rural nurses' attitudes and beliefs about research? Does level of education influence rural nurses attitudes and beliefs toward research? Does the size of facility that a rural nurse works in affect attitudes and beliefs toward research? Does the role of a rural nurse within his or her facility affect attitudes and beliefs towards research? This study was a secondary analysis of survey data collected from rural nurses practicing in Oregon, Montana, and South Dakota. Demographic information and responses to survey questions related to attitudes and beliefs provided from 224 nurses were examined to achieve the aims of this study. Regardless of experience or role, most respondents indicated they were proficient in evaluating research, but over half of the respondents were unsure if they believed the results of the research that they read. Nurses with 1-5 years of experience, those with master's preparation, and nurse practitioners had the best attitudes towards research while nurses with greater than 20 years and charge nurses had the worst. There were no appreciated differences in attitudes between diploma, associate degree, and baccalaureate prepared. Given that nurses constitute the largest group of health care providers and their care influences patient outcomes, the pressure on the nursing profession to strengthen the importance of evidence-based practice for all registered nurses is crucial. Further research is needed to explore the role that education, and role have in determining a rural nurse's attitudes and beliefs towards EBP.




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