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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


In each drawing, I look at a relationship from a different angle. At the same time, looking at myself from a different angle. In The Happiness of Architecture, Alain de Botton writes: "Belief in the significance of architecture is premised on the notion that we are, for better or for worse, different people in different places - and on the conviction that it is architecture's task to render vivid to us who we might ideally be." ¹ We project the ideal version of ourselves onto the space we inhabit. We decorate our homes, our desks, and our spaces to show others who we are. As we look to our dreams to understand our unconscious mind, I look to my relationships with others to understand the complexities of my community. In the spaces I create in my drawings, I search for who I am. ¹ De Botton, Alain. The Architecture of Happiness (New York, NY: Vintage Books, 2006) 13.




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