Beyond human and science documentaries : 'Molotov Alva' and 'Waltz with Bashir' as new study cases in the representation of reality

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Although the use of animation to support science documentaries has been well studied, and is easily accepted by viewers, the public has little familiarity with animations or virtual realities as being appropriate tools for other kinds of documentary storytelling. This paper contrasts previous studies of the use of animation and CGI in documentary filmmaking with issues generated by some of the more recent evolutions in the field. I find that although the public may have more difficulty understanding the link between an animated image on the screen and its real world referent, when used effectively animations and virtual realities can offer a new, though potentially problematic, range of storytelling tools.


Blurred is a film that is part of the student's thesis project.



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