Manhattan landing aquarium and waterfront park

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Montana State University - Bozeman


One of New Yorks' greatest assets is its' extensive waterfront. For my thesis project I am designing an Aquarium and a waterfront park concept for Lower Manhattan. The site that I have chosen is located on the waterfront, between the Battery Park (to the south), and the South Street Seaport (to the north). Developing the waterfront between Battery Park and the South Street Seaport provides a unique opportunity to exploit the waterfront for the public's enjoyment. The proposed aquarium would open the waterfront up to the public, and it would act as a catalyst for the area. The aquarium and park would function as a connection between the downtown core and the waterfront, and the South Street Seaport and Battery Park. The future of New York will be enhanced with this project ( as well as ensuring the growth and the popularity of Lower Manhattan ) by improving the variety and quality of attractions to the city while retaining the surrounding area's integrity. The horizons for the future will be expanded while the problems of today are responded to. To justify the use of such a prominent and influential site, a high level of performance must be required of the development. The goals will be clearly stated and responded to. The visual and the physical corridors and the need for public accessibility are major factors that the form of the development will have to take into consideration. Other considerations that will be addressed in the project are: the existing dominant open spaces, the existing pedestrian and vehicular patterns, and the continuity of the city through selectively relating to surrounding building heights and bulk placement.




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