Rocky Mountain Elk Suite Arrangement

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Montana State Univeristy


The outcome of this project will be a wind ensemble arrangement of a work for orchestra entitled “Rocky Mountain Elk Suite: Movement 1/4, Out of the Darkness and Into the Night” written by Dr. Gregory Young. The dissemination of results will not only involve a poster presentation at the MSU Student Research Conference, but will also be the performance of the piece by the Montana State University Wind Symphony in the Kennedy Center. It may also be submitted for the 2018 National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Central Oklahoma. The significance of this project is that this piece has not been arranged for band. It will involve learning how to arrange music including issues such as timbre, balance, blend, dynamic contrast, and instrumental capabilities. The project will have a lasting impact on band literature as it can be performed world-wide after completion. New music in band literature is valuable to build the repertoire.




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