Understanding the dynamics and fragility of culture, and optimism of making culture

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Albanians had established a meaningful/intimate relationship with their environment. They embracing natural features and created special places/architecture/artifacts that symbolized their roots, and were left by ages past. Natural features and architectural/cultural artifacts were the places that Communists targeted at for destruction. Over a century, Kosovo went through CULTURCIDE, URBICIDE, DOMICIDE and ended all up with GENOCIDE. All possible ways that Serbians used to destroy this culture, disconnect people from this place, were not as strong as the attachment to Albanian Homeland. It was this strong attachment to place that helped people recuperate and once again, start over... Domicide- Killing home, was the ultimate goal of communists. They used architecture strategies to disconnect Albanisns from place, erase memory. DOMICIDE was instigated by powerful elite that very critically planned the Destruction. Communist planners strategically ruined the river of the city "The spirit of the city", religious monuments and social nodes such as the bazaar. To address these issues, I plan to rebuild the Place, rebuild the culture and identity through architecture, and make the ultimate sacrifice of all heroes and victims of all the wars worthwhile. By putting the viewer in the place of witness, he/she would be able to better understand the fragility of the culture and history. The goal is to understand clearly the aims of the enemy and start getting more comfortable with the past historical events, and most importantly, the optimism for making culture. Again, through Architecture, I intend to bring back the essence of the culture and history of destructed places. I plan to integrate these important qualities/essences in our present social environment. I will create a prideful narrative of the past, incorporating multiple layers of memory and multiple layers of history of our city and the positive way that it can contribute in our social understanding and social importance. I will intend to re - Construct culture and place based on the essences of the studied/targeted artifacts. The ultimate goal is to see the optimism of people for making culture and being proud of it.




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