Statewide Evaluation of Chickpea (Garbonzo Bean) Variety Performance (Montana Uniform Chickpea Performance Trial)


This report evaluates grain yield potential of chickpea varieties under dryland conditions across Montana. Drought-like conditions persisted into the 2001 cropping year across much of Montana. Below normal growing season precipitation was recorded at all sites, with Sidney being the exception. The above normal precipitation that fell during June, followed by warm humid conditions, at the Sidney site accelerated an outbreak of Ascochyta blight causing severe damage to the chickpea trial. Low grain yields were reported at the Conrad site which received only 2.28 inches of precipitation between seeding date and end of July. By summarizing four years (1998-2001) of performance trials, statewide, Dwelley (kabuli-type) chickpea was out yielded by all other varieties of chickpeas evaluated, except for the one-year trial at Bozeman (Table 23).



Agronomy, Plant sciences


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