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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


For the past three years, my work has been preoccupied with attempting to visualize the sound-filled energetic environment in which we live. As my work evolved, specific shapes were generated that became symbols for sound and the human figure. The figure interacting within its respective environment has become the primary focus of this work. Literature has been a strong influence on the development of my work and it forms the basis of the conceptual concerns presented in both my paintings and prints. The writings of Carlos Castenada are my inspiration for exploring the more abstract nature of living. Images that incorporate an aura and shapes used to symbolize the voice are directly influenced by his work. Ovid’s Metamorphosis is another literary source that informs my work and what interests me is his idea of the figure in flux, constantly changing in both shape and form providing me with the inspiration to more freely manipulate the human figure. These two writers have given me an understanding of the human figure that does not rely on visual fact, but instead can be visualized as the abstract notion of the figure interacting within its respective environment.




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