The relationship between temperament type and motivations of Gallatin County 4-H volunteers for recruitment and retention efforts

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


The researcher examined 4-H adult volunteers using both the Real Colors TM temperament instrument and an instrument based on McClelland's trichotomy of needs. Volunteer personality temperaments and motivations had been observed in previous studies as defining factors for both recruitment and retention. However, no studies pertaining to 4-H volunteers had been conducted to determine if temperament type was a predictor for motivations. The researcher collected data from 16 current Gallatin County 4-H volunteers with at least one year of volunteer experience. Results revealed that the blue (idealist) temperament type was the dominant temperament type among the participants and orange (artisan) as the least dominant. Volunteers with blue (idealist) temperament types identified affiliation as their preferred motivation type, and orange (artisan) temperament identified achievement. Motivational statements identified as most and least important were included. No statistically significant correlation existed between temperament types and motivation subgroups (affiliation, achievement, and power). The study outlined motivation statements of importance for the different color temperament types and made recommendations for broader recruitment and retention strategies for a more adaptive volunteer program.




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