Perceptions of office workers in the office

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


The major purpose of this study was to determine the Medicine Hat, Alberta Chapter of Professional Secretaries International's (P.S.I.) members' perceptions and attitudes of their role in the office and their employers' perceptions and attitudes of the secretary's role in an office. The population selected included the entire membership of the P. S. I. chapter that were currently employed as office workers as well as their employers. The sample size was thirty office workers and twenty-nine employers. Data were gathered through a literature review and a survey instrument. The interviews were carried out in-person with a 100% response rate. The main conclusions of this study were: (1) Medicine Hat employers are generally communicating very well with their office workers; (2) employers are making office workers a part of the decision-making process; (3) office workers are provided with paid training when it is needed; (4) employers will help their employees deal with work-related stress, but are not as willing to deal with stress caused by personal problems; (5) employers think their office workers complete challenging tasks and respect them for it. To community colleges the recommendations were to: (1) provide students with problem-solving skills; (2) emphasize the ever changing role of the secretary and the need for continual upgrading; (3) encourage students to join P. S. I. and to write the certified Professional Secretary exams. To Medicine Hat businesses, recommendations were to: (1) review their pay schedules for office workers; (2) provide office workers with more frequent performance appraisals; (3) provide financial support for the membership dues of Professional Secretaries International. To the Medicine Hat Chapter of P. S. I. the recommendation was to become more visible in both the community and the local college so as to attract more members. For further research, the recommendation was for a further study to be done using a population of office workers who are not members of P. S. I. and their employers.




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