An exploratory study assessing the effects of using the workbook during homework practice on students' shorthand theory knowledge

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


In this paper, the researcher has sought to determine if the use of the workbook during shorthand homework practice would result in a significant difference in achievement levels on two intermediate shorthand classes at Montana State University during the 1979 winter quarter. The subjects of this study were 40 students enrolled in two sections of BUOA 111, Intermediate Shorthand. The two sections were randomly designated as Section I (control) and Section II (experimental). Students in Section I completed their homework using the conventional homework method. Students in Section II completed their homework using the conventional method plus they completed a workbook lesson. A pre- and posttest consisting of 100 dictated theory words was administered to students in each section. The two-tailed Student "t" test of significant difference at the .05 confidence level was used to analyze data obtained from pre- and post test mean scores. It was concluded that regardless of whether the students used the workbook or not during shorthand homework practice, the end result was that both groups were approximately equal in their shorthand theory and transcription knowledge at the end of the study.




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