The effects of the flipped learning model on student attitude and performance in high school biology

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Flipped instruction using video recordings for students to watch at home to replace in-class lectures is becoming more common in high school and undergraduate education. This can free up instructional time to incorporate more discussions, labs, and other inquiry activities while still covering the content. This study looked at the impact of flipped instruction on student performance and attitudes towards class over the course of four units in biology; one with in-class lectures; two flipped units with lectures moved to video format outside of class; and one mixed methods unit with a combination of in class lectures and video lectures. Student performance on unit exams and homework completion were compared for each unit. Surveys and interviews were used to measure student attitudes towards class and the teaching style. Student attitudes towards class and performance on unit tests were not impacted by the teaching method, however homework completion decreased during the flipped units. Despite enjoyment and engagement for activities in class, students also showed a strong preference for in-class lectures compared to the video lectures.




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