A theater arts center for Bozeman, Montana

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


In consideration of the disadvantages of a poor location and also the fact that the Loft Theater has had many successful summer theater performances, a new theater may be built for permanent housing. The theater will remain small and intimate, for this is one of the real attractions of this theater. It must however, satisfy the conditions that the present theater does not. The new theater must contain good lighting facilities, it must have good sound control, and it must be located so as to be a good advertisement of itself. The live theater in Bozeman does not play each weekend or even every month of the year. When it is playing, it holds only a very few performances. The winter theater has only three performances each week. To heat and operate a building for these few performances costs money. In an attempt to balance these costs and also to boost the financial standing, two other functions will be designed into the building. The theater will also be a place for movies and a place for display of art.




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