The effect of literacy strategies in science content areas on redirections and assignment completion

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


Literacy is essential to learning. Students with lower literacy skills, such as those in the process of learning English, need to be intentionally taught specific strategies in content areas, such as science. Such strategies can then be employed by the students to better learn content presented in the classroom. Students who struggle with literacy skills often mask their academic weaknesses with off-task behaviors. This study compared the use of critical reading strategies to the number of student redirections and on-time assignment completion occurrences. This study also looked at how the use of these strategies affected English Learners, if and how the literacy strategies affected student attitudes toward learning science, and whether there were correlations between attitude and assignment completion. Results indicate that the use of critical reading strategies in science decreases the number of necessary student redirections and increases the likelihood of students turning in assignments that are both complete and submitted on time.




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