The effects of interactive tools in a flipped chemistry classroom

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The flipped classroom is becoming a common pedagogical approach in the classroom to increase active learning experiences in the classroom. In the flipped classroom, students receive direct instruction outside of class through videos, podcasts, or readings, and class time is freed up to design effective, engaging, and enjoyable activities and experiences. One concern with the flipped classroom is the student engagement and participation in the videos. For this project, two interactive technologies, PlayPosit and EdPuzzle, were evaluated to determine which technology would be the most effective on student achievement, student engagement, and student attitudes in the flipped classroom. Over the course of two units, Advanced Placement Chemistry students at Penn-Trafford High School watched the lecture videos in PlayPosit and EdPuzzle. The Comparison Unit using YouTube lasted two weeks. Treatment 1 using PlayPosit and Treatment 2 using EdPuzzle each lasted three weeks. Results from post-tests were analyzed and compared to determine the effect on student achievement. Student surveys and interviews were analyzed to determine the effect on student engagement and attitudes. Results revealed no significant difference in student achievement, but a significant difference in engagement when utilizing both PlayPosit and EdPuzzle. Student comments and interviews also showed that students preferred EdPuzzle to both PlayPosit and YouTube. Overall, EdPuzzle was the most effective platform for content videos in the flipped classroom.




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