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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


I use imagery and scale that is toylike. This focuses the viewer on the story and invites a special intimacy with the piece. When a viewer pulls the ring articulating a sculpture or laughs at the playful nature of a composition, that viewer is no longer merely an observer. The sculpture “Saint Behind the Glass,” the patron saint of metalsmiths, metalworkers, artisans and craftsmen is a composition expressing my gratitude after three years of study and asking for a blessing as I go forward. Each person who pulls the ring is blessed. Being a metalsmith influences the scale and sense of preciousness in my work. From this training I am accustomed to working small and using select materials. In accenting my work I like to explore the concept of value by mixing materials such as silver and semiprecious stones with objects having sentimental value, i.e. china doll pieces, pet tags or master links from a motorcycle. I use carvings to bring the parts together and make the sculpture whole. Apollinaire called assemblage sculpture a visual poetry, but I feel compelled to add words, to make my visual poem a ballad. The text is used to complement the sculpture rather than explain it.




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