Fulbright faculty's conceptualization of their international experience

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


This embedded case study describes how four Fulbright recipients at a Carnegie I classified research institution in the western U.S. conceptualized their international experiences, and, the influence that these experiences have had on their faculty work lives. As U.S. institutions work toward internationalizing their campuses, they need to prioritize how best to use limited resources. By studying how four past faculty Fulbright recipients' international experiences have influenced their professional lives, we can gain a better understanding of how faculty engagement in international scholarship can influence their home institutions. Each faculty was individually interviewed and completed the Intercultural Effectiveness Survey. Interviews were then transcribed and coded to find common themes and concepts. Participants were asked to review the themes to verify their accuracy and the description of their case. Themes emerging from this study were a professional growth and intentionality and purpose. Two themes related to challenges faculty face when engaging in international relationships also emerged: 1) lack of institutional funding, and 2) lack of institutional support. In conclusion, these findings can help institutions understand faculty development through international experience, and, more specifically, how faculty's international experiences will alter their work lives on their home campuses.




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