Technology : pursuing the dialectical image

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Using the term, “dialectical image”, my current work addresses the dynamics of biology vs. technology and asks whether there will be a harmony between the two as the gap closes. The term dialectics has taken on a multitude of forms over the years. It can be defined as logic or any of its branches or any formal system of reasoning or thought. In addition, it can mean the juxtaposition or interaction of conflicting ideas, forces (virtual reality vs. reality, biology vs. technology) or in other words, a Marxist process of change through conflicting forces. In this instance, the conflicting forces are entropy and technology’s utopian promise. In today’s terms, “"dialectics" can also refer to an understanding of how we can or should perceive the world (epistemology, the theory of knowledge), an assertion of the interconnected, contradictory, and dynamic nature of the world outside our perception of it (ontology, the study of being or existing), or a method of presentation of ideas or conclusions.




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