Evaluation of Montana's business education guidelines

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


Therefore, my purposes in conducting this survey were to find: 1. if the business teachers in the state of Montana felt the curriculum guidelines were worthwhile; 2. if the business teachers used the guidelines; 3. if certain parts of the guidelines were more useful than others; 4. if the business teachers had suggestions and recommendations for the improvement of the guidelines; 5. if certain recommendations occurred more often than others, and if so, what these recommendations were; 6. if the business teachers felt that the objectives for each business subject were too general, acceptable, or too specific; 7. if the business teachers felt that the topical outline was not detailed enough, acceptable, or too detailed for each business subject; 8. if the business teachers felt that the standards for each business subject were low, acceptable, or high; 9. if the business teachers felt the guidelines were usable in the present format; 10. if the business teachers agreed or disagreed with the core curriculums for small, medium, and large schools that were presented in the guidelines.




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