An evaluation of model distributive education program at the Bozeman Senior High School

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Professional Schools


The writer was hired in August of 1971 by the Administration and the Board of Trustees of School District 7, Bozeman, Montana, to establish a Distributive Education program in the Bozeman Senior High School. This program was written under the 1963 vocational Education Act and was to be reimbursed at the rate of one hundred per cent for a period of three years by the Federal government via the State Department of Public Instruction. The original proposal was written by Dr. Dean Palmer, teacher-educator at Montana State University, and Mr. Mike Bullock, State Supervisor of Distributive Education, Department of Public Instruction, Helena, Montana. The original proposal was written for twenty thousand, one hundred and thirty-two dollars and was to pay the instructor's salary, buy new equipment, materials, and allow for adequate coordination as well as teacher-professional meetings on a national and state basis. The original proposal had a number of guidelines of which will be covered at a later time.




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