The impact of cultural and linguistic differences on Quebec's financial and political institutions

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Honors College


There is a long-standing cultural clash embedded into Canadian society, which has caused Quebec to be its own socio-political entity, meaning a body that is distinguished from the rest of Canada with regard to social and political factors. The tension caused by linguistic distinctions, as well as the financial strength of Quebec, has led to a desire on the part of nationalists to become an independent state. French-speaking Canadians are often subject to social sanctions, such as being ridiculed for their accents and accusations of being separatists, due to their assumed connection to Quebec. This phenomenon further exacerbates the province's nationalist tendencies, which are heavily reflected in its financial policies and artist community. The goal is to understand Quebec's contemporary political and financial relationship with the rest of Canada. The focus of this research is on the impact of cultural differences resulting from the historical context upon which Quebec was founded.




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