Phase alignment of asynchronous external clock controllable devices to periodic master control signal using the Periodic Event Synchronization Unit

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Engineering


The Periodic Event Synchronization Unit aligns devices without the ability to be triggered by an external source. The primary function of the unit is to align the pattern trigger pulses of two pulse pattern generators which supply four inputs of a multiplexer. The pulse pattern generators lack the ability to start their code according to an external signal. When operating, the designed unit maintains a specific pattern alignment of two binary data streams of 5 gigabits per second as a multiplexer combines them into a data stream of four times the bit rate. In addition to alignment, the unit can introduce offsets of up to 50 nanoseconds to the pattern alignment which corresponds to 250 bits. The unit is designed to allow the alignment of other devices as well, requiring as input the two event signals of the same frequency which need to be aligned. In order to align the devices providing the event pulses, one of the devices must either accept an external clocking source or have the ability to frequency modulate the internal clock. In practice, the test system was able to achieve and maintain the desired signal characteristics from the output of the multiplexer. The unit's robust design is shown by providing alignment of patterns for the full operating range of the pulse pattern generators and allowing a generator pattern to be aligned to a generic event pulse. Use of multiple units allows alignment of additional devices. The development of the Periodic Event Synchronization Unit provided an inexpensive solution to creating very high bit rate signals using preexisting equipment, as no commercial products were found to accomplish the same function.




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