A follow-up study of marketing education students at Bozeman High School

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


Statement of the Problem: The major purpose of this study was to determine whether Marketing Education courses at Bozeman High School enhance post secondary education and employment for 1991-1997 graduates. Based on the Bozeman High School Business Department mission/philosophy statement: -Students will be assisted in their development of skills in business for either personal or professional use. -Teachers and students will strive to excel in skills business and industry requires to succeed in a changing and competitive work environment. Procedures: Sources of data were obtained through reference material from Montana State University. These sources identified the need to determine the effectiveness and the efficiency in marketing education at Bozeman High School A survey instrument was construction for use in this study and sent out to 210 former students. One hundred forty seven students completed and returned the survey. Results: Analysis of the data concluded that in fact marketing education at Bozeman High School was both effective and efficient in its presentation and preparation for post secondary education and employment of 1991-1997 graduates. Conclusions: Two thirds of the respondents identified marketing education was of a high benefit to their educational experience and post secondary pursuits. Three fourths of the respondents felt the work experience contributed greatly to their employment interests.




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