Income tax in Montana high schools

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


The primary purpose of this study was to evaluate the teaching of income tax in Montana high schools. This evaluation was based upon responses from the various high schools in three areas: (1) General information, (2) Specific information, (3) Curriculum at the high school level. The population of this study included all of the public and non-public high schools in the state of Montana. In answer to the questionnaire, 136 out of 187 responded; this represents an overall response of 72.7 percent. The data was analyzed by the number responding to the individual questions and placing this on a percentage basis. Since every high school educator did not answer each question the percentage was determined by the total number who did answer the particular question analyzed. The conclusions of the study were: (1) Only a minority, or 24 percent of the total school enrollment, are receiving instruction in income tax, (2) The average number of weeks of instruction in income tax is 5.2, (3) Almost every high school educator felt that every Montana high school student should be exposed to income tax, (4) A significant majority of the respondents wanted income tax expanded into the Montana school system; (5) The worst weakness of the income tax course was that there was not enough time allowed to teach it, (6) The main comment was, "that income tax should be a separate class, and all seniors required to take it." The recommendations of the study were: (1) More Montana high school students be exposed to taxes, (2) Expand income tax into the Montana schools, 3) All Montana high school seniors be required to take the course.




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