Evaluation of mixed-oxidants against sodium hypochlorite for the disinfection and removal of biofilms from distribution systems

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Engineering


Problem Statement: As drinking water regulations are applied to smaller utilities, an area of emerging concern for the water industry is the installation of disinfection systems to meet the newly imposed standards. Since traditional disinfection technologies are usually beyond the safety, economic, and/or site restraint considerations for small systems, an alternative is required. The mixed-oxidants disinfection system (MIOX) appears to provide a reasonable alternative for small distribution systems as a safe, reliable, and cost effective technology that is easy to operate and is readily compatible with other treatment systems. The goal of this five-phase study was to evaluate the potential of the MIOX disinfectant (produced on-site using feedstocks of ordinary salt, water, and twelve volt electricity) against free chlorine for biocidal efficacy, biofilm/biofouling removal, biofilm regrowth potential, relative corrosion potential, and cost effectiveness. Although mixed-oxidants have been proven effective in potable water disinfection, biofilm removal is a new application for this alternative disinfection technology.




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