NuMo--A Better Diet a Better Life

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Montana State Univeristy


Providing accurate nutritional information to an ever growing health conscious and mobile society has been identified as an area with significant commercial potential. The largest demographic in this category is ever connected through mobile devices, and as such, we are developing a mobile health application that addresses this need by providing accurate and customized nutritional information. Backed by experts in nutrition and research in a variety of healthy-eating mobile applications, we are developing NuMo. NuMo is a nutritional monitoring app for both iOS and Android devices that provides accurate, detailed nutrient information to users so that they can make informed eating decisions. The app’s overarching goal is to empower users to investigate their own eating habits and find deficiencies in their diets. A user will be able to log daily food intake, save popular meals, and set personal nutrient intake goals. Using a database built by USDA research and our own supplementary provisions, the app will display personalized graphs of selected macronutrients and Omega 3/Omega 6 intake. These visuals, as well as personalized nutrient recommendations, will offer a clear picture to the user of how their diets can be improved.




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