Images of compelling dichotomies

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


I work within a narrative format giving emphasis to images which allude to explosive conflicts in life. The pieces are introspective and personal, often conveying a strained situation which leaves the viewer unsettled. Painting, drawing, natural fibers, and non-ferrous metals work well within the scale of traditional metal smithing techniques. I believe color is very important in each piece. Basic patinas for metal have a limited palette; in these works their qualities have been extended with oil paints and prisma-colors. The color adds vibrance and definition to the pieces. Superimposing painting and drawing over the metallic surface causes a visual vibration which adds to the uneasiness of the situation. My imagery is often bound together by barbed wire and other linear elements. The enclosed forms intensify the emotional situation and relate a confining boundary to the subject. The uncontrollable, explosive elements are physically imprisoned within these wire delineations. The fragmented walls and planes imply both fragility and a ripping, violent image. These two forces can be seen in all the works to varying degrees. The metal is worked in a way that communicates frailness yet also reflects a cutting harshness I feel these volatile elements are compelling and a strong dichotomy within each piece.




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