Act of uncivil obedience: a master of fine arts thesis against mastery and fine arts -a holistic view.

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My artistic production in graduate school is primarily temporary public art with an increasing commitment to art that presents political and social issues. Most of my artwork takes the form of large banners with images and words. My year of thesis work included writing criticism and producing video works. The thesis exhibition is a culmination and logical extension of my thinking of art as a means of communicating about issues that have vital importance to the world, integrating living with art, and stretching the limits of art. I am protesting "mastery" and "fine arts". "Mastery", furthers patriarchal values as a male term of dominance and control. It is an unsuitable term or value for these changing times. "Fine Arts", denoting a discipline separated from the other arts and disciplines, is also restrictive. I am interested in art as a form of communication. The urgent world situation prompts me to direct my powers to political and social issues. We receive most of our information about political and social issues from the major electronic and print media which address a mass audience. They are bound to the prevailing culture, its traditions, and to the constraints of commercial success. I have chosen to communicate to a smaller audience in a poetic, non-traditional manner relatively free of constraints. My thesis Exhibition included an occupation of the art gallery, a 21 day liquid fast, and various changing installations.




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