Ways to get up & out

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


My main concern In my life Is finding the vehicle for getting way up and out Into the air. I want the vehicle (vehicle In this case meaning the means for transporting one's self) to be my vehicle - my own way, my own man-made contraption to get up and out Into the air. I have deep Interests In both static and kinetic vehicles; that Is, I am Involved In the participation of one's self whether It be the control of a kinetic vehicle or the being controlled by a static vehicle. It Is also very Important to me that the vehicle, aesthetically speaking, looks and feels right. For example, for me to get Into a Piper Cub and learn to fly that plane would be all wrong. I want to produce the vehicle and also set the guidelines for that vehicle's operation. Whether It be flying, climbing, being catapulted, etc., I want to be the control. Being In the air has always held a deep fascination for me. Climbing trees In northwest Missouri as a child was about the only way to get to that other plane of perspective; that Important plane for seeing all the things differently that grow so familiar to one who always looks with his feet on the ground.




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