Perplexities and immediate proximity

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Painting provides me with a structure to address perplexities found within my reality. My artistic vision resides neither in an optimistic or pessimistic point of view; rather, it is rooted in the belief that one is held in limbo, suspended between two points of reference. The extremes of history and the future, bridged by nothing more than one’s continually evolving existence, have the potential to act as obstacles to one’s reality. I have found myself at an immediate proximity to reality. The significance of the creative act is found in the resulting object which satisfies the desire to establish an equilibrium between history and the future. The diverse processes and materials incorporated within my work play a vital role in exploring peculiar circumstances which are a part of my reality. The use of geometry, painted passages and objects creates a dynamic dialogue. This dialogue acts as a means of linking together contrasting elements found within the paintings. The four paintings "Light," "Breathing," "Thought," and "Pulse Mechanism," utilize geometry and physical objects to establish the mechanics of a theoretical machine. The tar covered gear system of "Light Mechanism," and the tar covered bicycle wheel of "Breathing Mechanism" are metaphorical symbols for movement within these mechanisms. The plausibility of these works is dependent upon the integrity of particular elements working together to create a theoretical machine.




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