The effect of structured cooperative learning strategies on student achievement in science

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


The focus of this classroom research project was to determine if implementing structured cooperative learning groups as a teaching method would increase students' achievement in the chemistry classroom. Additionally, the investigation explores students' ability to retain the content as well as examining their overall attitude towards working in groups. A treatment and nontreatment group were established to compare the results of administering structured cooperative learning versus teacher led instruction. Test scores as well as student surveys, interviews and teacher journaling were used to measure the outcome of the treatment. Results of the action research showed no significant difference in the students' achievement in terms of test scores among the treatment and nontreatment groups. Further examination of the results however, indicated that students were more engaged in the learning process and did recognize benefits of working in structured cooperative learning group. Overall, students believed that cooperative learning did help them to remember content material and was a positive learning experience.




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