Assessing the science faculty perspective about the need and use for curriculum mapping of an anatomy and physiology course at a community college

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


The purpose of this research was to assess science faculty about the need for and use of curriculum mapping for anatomy and physiology courses at a community college. Questions to be answered included: How did faculty use the current learning objective for this lesson? How beneficial and appropriate was the current learning objective to faculty? How would a curriculum map be received and used by faculty? How would faculty feel about pairing up their lesson with nationwide standards? What were the differences between the interpretation and understanding of this learning objective between full-time and adjunct faculty? What content did faculty members currently cover in their anatomy and physiology course? How well did the material that instructor's teach match up with the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society Standards? After reviewing faculty course material, what amount of horizontal consistency was there between the faculty of this course?




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