Contemplation and reflection

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Yokohama-Tokyo is the biggest city in Japan. It has been developed faster than people expected. People's regular lives are based on the city transportation schedules. An egalitarian system dominates Japanese people's behavior and thought starting before birth. Because Japanese society revolves around a strict education structure, its environment becomes really stressful and competitive for everyone. Buildings are too tall for people to realize scale of themselves and the city. This urban environment has been affect people to lose their perception of their sense and of the world. Architectural layering can and does influence humans. My project will use specific architectural layering devices, such as colors, texture, light, physical structure to create an environment which will stimulate person's mind and imagination. This unique environment will stimulate a person's sense and the world and will rejuvenate the individual as he or she reflects what life could be beyond ordinary life. Architecture is not only about how to create an essential space for reasons, but also about what happens to the world after architecture influences people with the environment.




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