Diorama construction simplified

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Montana State College, Division of Education


The decade preceding the 1960's was an age when the interests of students' and adults' were many and varied. Because of this diversification of interests, ideas to be presented had to be short, to the point, and interesting for effective communication. Each year history was being made, studied, and forgotten by students trying to keep up with the fast-changing pace of events. It was the opinion of the writer that there was a way in which important events could be recorded which would enable students not only to understand an event, but to gain an understanding of the forces or actions which led up to the event. It was the writer's contention that the preparation for and the construction of a diorama, a three dimensional scene incorporating three-dimensional objects with backgrounds in perspective, could stimulate and vitalize history courses at the high school level. The purpose of this investigation was three-fold: to construct a diorama, to produce a slide film set and guide, and to record the various steps in the construction of the diorama.




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