Evaluation of personal response systems from a teaching perspective

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


The purpose of this qualitative transcendental phenomenological study was to examine the usage, attitudes, and perceptions of personal response system (PRS) use by teaching faculty who had used the technology in at least one course at Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman in the past six years. Fifteen faculty members who had used PRS in their teaching were interviewed on their usage, attitude, and perception of PRS use. The literature topics of effectiveness, teacher-student interaction, practices, faculty resistance, technical issues as well as assessment and feedback were incorporated into a protocol used during in-depth interviews. Overall, the results of this study were consistent with the literature. Faculty interviewed considered themselves among the first to adopt a new teaching technology, and had done so to address either increased class size or to formatively assess their teaching. Technical issues were minor and easily corrected through either technical support or peer support. Student registration was an issue, and the responses to this issue varied among faculty. Overall, faculty interviewed were satisfied with the technology and used it effectively based on the literature reviewed. Recommendations were made to encourage and expand the use of PRS and to remove the challenges experienced by faculty.




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