Determination and validation of the 'What's my school mindset?' instrument factor structure

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


This study used exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses to explore the factor structure of the What's My School Mindset? (WMSM) scale (Mindset Works, 2008- 2012c). Blackwell (2012) asserted that the concept of a growth school mindset culture was operationalized in the WMSM scale using five key features. However, the reliability and validity of this instrument had not been fully explored (S. Rodriguez, personal communication, March 31, 2015). This was the first empirical study that attempted to validate the underlying constructs the WMSM scale is purported to assess by Mindset Works, Inc (Blackwell, 2015). No research was found that had explored the factor structure of the WMSM scale. Without empirical research supporting the factor structure of this instrument its use in interpreting the measurement of school culture may be confounded (Hopko, 2003; Netemeyer, Bearden & Sharma, 2003). Results of the Exploratory Factor Analysis revealed a four-factor structure. In addition, a Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) was conducted to further verify the fit of the four-factor model. The four-factor model produced a root mean square error approximation (RMSEA) of .063. The 90% confidence interval (.049 - .076) surrounding the RMSEA result indicates that the proposed four-factor model identified by the EFA was a 'fair' fit to the estimated population model (Browne & Cudek, 1993; MacCallum, Browne & Sugawara, 1996). The accuracy of this fit to the population model was strengthened by a CFI of .96 and a NNFI of .95 (Kim, 2005). The results of this study added to the body of mindset research and are useful for school leaders and researchers who seek to use the WMSM scale to measure growth mindset within a school's culture (e.g. Hoy, Tarter & Kottkamp, 1991; Kearney, 2007; Murphy & Dweck, 2010; Farrington, Roderick, Allensworth, Nagaoka, Seneca-Keyes, Johnson & Beechum, 2012; Delaney, Dweck, Murphy, Chatman & Kray, 2015; Walton, 2014).




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