A meta-analytic review of the performance-cue bias

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


This review is a quantitative synthesis of the Performance-Cue Bias literature (43 effect sizes, from 43 independent samples, and 4,013 participants). The purpose of this synthesis was to test the overall magnitude of the Performance-Cue bias as well as 9 possible moderators of this phenomenon. Across all moderators, raters who were given positive performance cues rated the target more favorably than raters given negative performance cues. Five potential moderators were identified and shown to significantly influence the Performance-Cue Bias. These significant moderators were; timing of the performance information, target of the rating, type of rating instrument, type of behavior that was being rated, as well as whether participants were part of a training intervention. I discuss the practical ramifications for the identification of these moderators as well as the moderators that were hypothesized to have an impact but did not.




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