Effect of ski pole stiffness on upper body power output in cross-country skiers

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Education, Health & Human Development


The purpose of this study was to determine whether increased pole stiffness corresponds with higher measures of upper body power in competitive cross-country skiers. Fifteen elite/college level cross-country ski racers (8 men, 7 women) tested UBP on a custom-built double-poling ergometer. Ski poles tested were two models of the same brand with different factory-specified stiffness ratings. Subjects underwent three 10 s UBP tests (W10, W) and one 60 s UBP test (W60, W) for each pole type. UBP measures were defined as the average power output over the length of each test. Video recordings of the 10 s and 60 s tests were analyzed with digital imaging software to determine the maximum bend angle for each pole type. Ergometer and kinematic measures were compared by ski poles tested (stiff vs. less stiff) using a multivariate RMANOVA.




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