Stability and tension

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Arts & Architecture


Sculpture enables me to translate thoughts and feelings Into tangible form. The pieces Included In this exhibition demonstrate two distinct, yet closely related, types of structural forms: the tenuous and the stable. Both of these forms have been used to activate or animate my sculptures. The tenuous pieces possess an excited state with the potential of energy release. The focal point of these structures Is the element within the piece that creates the force or resistance against the material. I relate to this aspect of my sculptures on a sensual level where the process of building and conceiving the idea Is experienced through manipulation and construction of the material. This Is an embodiment of my physical energy and Is reflected through their tense gestures. In the stable structural forms the material Is not stressed; rather, the focal point is the idea of support, emphasizing the element which rests on top. These pieces represent stability and permanence and are the antithesis of tenuousness. I relate to them as the structures that support my intellectual and rational energies. Together the sculptures achieve a balance of separate aspects of my working process. For me sculpture Is most successful when it achieves that balance within itself.




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