[A survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction of secretarial/clerical students at Churchill High School]

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of School of Business


The sample chosen for the survey was the cooperative work experience employers in Eugene, Oregon. Seventy-five questionnaires were distributed and a return of 84 percent was received after one distribution and one follow-up phone call. The results provided valuable information which can be used in the instruction of secretarial/clerical students at Churchill High School. The results indicated that the human relations aspect of office work is considered just as important as the specific training they receive in the skill subjects. It was found that shorthand was not a necessary requirement for beginning secretarial clerical jobs and it may decrease in the next five years. Also, shorthand did not necessarily provide promotional opportunities. Typewriting was considered an important aspect of office work and that its importance will increase in the next five years along with records management, accounting, calculating machines and the magnetic tape selectric typewriter. It was found that most firms pay a beginning salary of $400 or more for all types of office work and that some large firms pay $500 or more. Results also indicated that business college, and community college graduates performance ranged from outstanding to excellent while high school performance was average and non high school was inadequate. Based upon the survey findings, several important conclusions were reached: (1) the human relations aspect of office work is very important, (2) typewriting will continue to be important, (3) the importance of shorthand will decrease, and (4) that the high school business education curriculum is meeting and should continue to meet the needs of the cooperative work experience student and employer.




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