Implementation of Lean management in family practice to decrease overall clinic visit time

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Nursing


Variations in the patient rooming process have created inefficient practices for staff in a clinic setting. Negative impacts from these variations have been correlated with increased patient wait times, delayed patient care and decreased patient satisfaction. Through patient complaints with frustrations in delayed care and wait times, this scholarly project found discrepancies in the patient flow process. Variations existed within several primary care patient settings based on individual provider training and personal habits, style, and preferences. Utilizing Lean Management ideals to improve rooming and throughput were strongly indicated within recent healthcare journals as a means to reduce waste and improve efficiency in patient care processes. Developing interventions based on Lean Management principles discovered in the literature review will be outlined for execution. Following implementation of interventions, a follow up time study will be completed to compare to the original data, as well as repeat patient satisfaction surveys. This scholarly project expands nursing knowledge by addressing the gaps in past studies by examining throughput in an outpatient clinic setting, potentially decreasing patient wait times, delays in care and increasing patient and provider satisfaction.




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