Preliminary flora of Gallatin county

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Agriculture


The plan of this work has been to compile a complete list of all the plants occurring In Gallatin County. This includes all the Indigenous Phanerogams and such introduced species as have become thoroughly established under natural conditions, and those cultivated plants that shown a disposition to escape and degenerate as weeds, as well as the vascular-cryptogams, with brief notes as to relative abundance and habitat. These notes, with few exceptions, are based upon my own observation and knowledge. Beginning with the Ranunculaceae the vidus have been arranged as in Gray's Manual of Botany. Revised Edition, the genera and species being arranged alphabetically under the vidus. The work is based largely upon the Herbarium of the Montana State College of Agriculture. It includes also a large collection of undistributed material collected by Dr, J. W. Blankinship and other small collections. Dr. Rydberg's flora of Montana has been used as a reference book. The region covered is essentially mountainous but varies in altitude from 4000 to 11000 feet thus furnishing species from alpine to plains. Probably no other portion of the state contains so extensive a flora as Gallatin County.




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