Shifting to science and engineering practices through instructional coaching

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Letters & Science


As Iowa continues forward with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), many teachers have little knowledge about how best to teach this new shift. This study looked at what how instructional coaching practices helped facilitate growth for NGSS in science classrooms. Many teachers do not have the knowledge, confidence and resources to shift to the new science thinking of NGSS. This action research paper looked at instructional coaching and its impact for teacher efficacy in the area of the eight Science and Engineering practices (S&E). Teachers were coached through a 4-week coaching cycle to learn, plan, and implement the eight S&E practices. Teachers were given pre- and post- surveys as well as interviews. Classroom observations were also done. Students also received pre-and post- surveys along with interviews to gauge their understanding of the S&E practices. The results indicated that instructional coaching had a positive impact on teachers' knowledge and efficacy of the practices. Post classroom observations done one month after coaching also showed a continuation of the use and implementation of the S&E practices. Surveys given to students also indicated a positive shift to understanding the S&E practices. However, interviews given to students were inconclusive.




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