Teaching methodologies for typing production jobs in the future

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Montana State University - Bozeman, College of Business


The major purpose of this study was to determine which plan; the cycled plan or the concentrated (grouped) method of teaching typing was better for student retention over a period of time. It was tested in three areas: letters, tables, and reports. Two tests were given during the course of the year in each of the three areas. These test were given to a randomly selected group of 30 students in each population. The results of the study indicated that the cycled plan had a slight advantage over the concentrated (grouped) method. This was especially true of the area of reports. The other two areas indicated very little difference. Based on the data from the test scores the cycled plan had slightly better results. Both methods had positive results for the overall group. The improvements shown were far greater than the decreases. Whichever method the teacher prefers to use would probably be the best method for the students to learn and retain the typing skills for letters, tables, and reports. Major recommendations include the following: 1) Teachers should research or do a study to determine what teaching style he/she feels best for the students. 2) Book companies use the educational field for populations and teachers to administer instruments of a study. 3) A continuous study similar to this be conducted for added research knowledge.




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