Effects of using an outdoor environmental education program on students' understanding of environmental science

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Montana State University - Bozeman, Graduate School


This research focused on the effect of using an Outdoor Environmental Education (OEE) program on students' understanding of environmental science concepts. Sixty-four 5th grade students participated in the OEE program. Various data collection instruments were used to determine the effects on the students' understanding of the science concepts, long-term memory, attitude and motivation to learning science in their classroom, as well as the attitude and motivation of the teacher. These instruments included pre and posttreatment assessments, surveys, interviews, observations and journals. The study found that students' participating in the OEE program increased their understanding of environmental science concepts and lead to increased interest into learning science in their classrooms. This research also yielded an increased awareness of the effect of the teacher's attitude and motivation in teaching in a short-term education environment.




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